¡Estamos de suerte! Pablo Echenique en Londres

El lunes 26 de octubre a las 6pm Echenique dará una charla en UCL, Gower Street, «Podemos, Power, Politics», sobre la nueva manera de hacer política que nos identifica a Podemos.
Se necesita inscribirse, y con toda seguridad, cuanto antes mejor. Lo puedes hacer aquí:

Pablo Echenique: Podemos, Power, Politics
26 October 2015
Pablo Echenique Robba is one of the five Podemos members elected to the European Parliament in 2014, and currently running for parliament in the upcoming general election, held on or before 20 December 2015. He will speak about the new way of doing politics that Podemos stands for.

Podemos, Power, Politics


26 October 2015, 6-8pm

Anatomy G29 J Z Young LT
Gower Street

Podemos is inextricably linked to Movimiento 15M (May 15), the movement of Indignados, named after the large crowds which gathered in Madrid and across Spain in 2011, to protest against unemployment and austerity. What characterises Podemos is that they seek to establish a different way of doing politics, not structured around left and right but around “above and below”, and playing by new rules that emphasise direct participation, consensus, and active citizenship. Echenique will speak about this new style of politics, and its power.

An Argentine-born Spanish physicist born in 1978, Echenique works for the Spanish research council. He is also the General Secretary of Podemos for the Aragón region.

This event is part of our Capitalism & Democracy Project.

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